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For as long as I can remember I have been interested in the story of food.  As a kid I was overweight, and often felt  “on the outside” because of it, and like any tender trial in youth, I believe it turned out to be a blessing in adulthood.  So much character growth and internal self-discovery can happen through food.  It is one of the main ways we experience life.

I have witnessed the “dark side” of food, as a dietitian for years in Bariatrics.  It was there I realized the courage and commitment it takes to really change your life — to conqure the person and the voice within.  I saw the twisted ways we’ve taken something that was meant for our good and attached negative feelings, misplaced perceptions, etc.  Food can be used to feed a low self worth, guild, and shame.  All of which, I believe, was never intended when it was created.  I have the utmost respect for anyone who takes on the endeavor of losing weight.  Changing YOURSELF is the start of all opportunities.

I am fascinated with the concept of nourishment. So much is created over food – relationships, memories, and a huge part of life. Nourishment happens in the kitchen long before the meal, when you’re nourishing your relationship with your children, or friend, or spouse. Think about it – usually our best memories growing up often happen in the kitchen! It should be a place of comfort, inspiration, learning & nourishment….never stress.

I believe mind nourishment was meant to mirror physical nourishment, and I hope you’ll find this website a combination of both! Whatever you THINK on affects how you are going to FEEL, as does whatever food you choose to consistently eat. Life is too precious not to feel as good as you can!

Also, I want you to know that I do not come to you as a “know it all” expert. In fact, I always learned more from my patients and clients than I think they ever did from me! I am not the end-all of health information, but I would love to be one positive, powerful voice on your journey to health and energy.  Real change happens with your thinking – your story with food is not yet done, and it is within your power to change.  Whether it be weight loss, energy gain, healthy habits for the little ones you’re raising, etc.  I love to motivate, and I hope you’ll find inspiration and momentum (and tasty recipe ideas) to keep going here!

Please feel free to comment, share yourself or your story, or even tag me in a healthy recipe you create. Positive, healthy living (in every way) is contagious to those around YOU.



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  • I ate a hamburger with ketchup every day of my first pregnancy. Every. Single. Day.
  • The only time I was ever sent to detention in high school was for sneaking in baby carrots. Sent home with a pink slip. Yes, I was a rebel.
  • I love people, so....I love people watching.
  • My grandfather was a butcher & performed cooking demos for Chambers Range. I had no idea until long after I started doing this. Unknown history repeats itself!

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