3 Easy Fall Swaps!

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This week I had the opportunity to go to Nashville and take 3 swaps that are great to use this time of year when you are trying to stay on track. First, I show my favorite drink swap – a delicious pomegranate cider in place of heavy eggnog. Second is using whole wheat flour instead of white. Specifically when its 100% Stone Ground from Bob’s Red Mill…that version has the bran and the germ (what I’ve always called the golden stuff:), and it cooks amazingly!  I had to stop my kids from eating the pancakes you see in the segment. (Don’t worry, I fixed them others). Third, using nuts such as pistachios as a coating for a protein instead of breadcrumbs is another nutritious thing to do.  Remember, it’s better to be consistently good instead of occasionally perfect, so enjoy your tastebuds in small quantities and make lots of memories this season!