Importance of Staying Hydrated

Posted 9 years ago in Health Tips

What if I told you there was a simple, inexpensive, immediate solution to increasing energy, fighting winter fatigue, and helping your winter skin stay glowing instead of dry? There is! The pathway to all these benefits and more is to STAY HYDRATED!   It’s such a simple solution, so it’s often not given credit, but it’s often the main solution to fighting winter fatigue….and many other things.

Water is vital to every component of our bodies. It transports nutrients to cells; is a natural detoxifier; keeps our noses and throats moist; is necessary for healthy, glowing skin; and may even help with weight management. Being properly hydrated is a natural energy booster and can even have an impact on our memory. Not having enough water could reduce oxygen flow to the brain.

We often drink less water in the winter, because during the cold months, we are not as aware of our need for it.  However, dehydration is a process that begins with fatigue, and moves into headaches, dry skin, & dizziness. It gets more intense from there, to low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, fever and seizures.  Being even 1 – 2% dehydrated means you cannot operate – or think- at your peak performance.

How much water should you be drinking? I personally recommend anywhere from 64 – 96 or more ounces a day.  Start drinking a tall glass in the morning to get your muscles and blood moving, and then keep your water with you all day. This may seem like a lot, but when you feel the positive effects of staying properly hydrated, it will be the habit that you won’t forget!

To add variety & keep it flavorful, I love to add slices of winter fruit or fresh herbs. Pomegranate seeds, fresh cranberries, sliced grapefruit, orange, limes, or lemons are refreshing. Even a spring of basil or mint make that water taste amazing.


Remember, even the littlest bit of dehydration can have a significant affect on your mood and energy, which is why I like to think of water as, “Nature’s Energy Potion.” So this winter, tap into instant health and make sure you are staying well hydrated!