5 Reasons to Drink Wellness Water

Posted 8 years ago in Health Tips

I think one of the hardest things about getting healthy is giving up soda pop (even if it’s diet!). I’ve seen it so much – it’s like even though the “key to health” does not just rest on one sole habit, there is often one mountain-moving change we make that pushes the rest into place. It’s almost magical. I had a patient tell me once, “Ness, giving up my diet Dr Pepper was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Now I don’t even miss it, and I cannot believe I relied on it for my energy, my clarity, my hunger, my sane-ness. I was crazy!” Actually, it wasn’t crazy! That’s so many of us.

Going from soft drinks (or soda…or pop, depending on what part of the county you’re from;), is challenging enough, so here is what makes it easier – something I call wellness water. It’s basically simply adding any fresh fruit and herbs to your water, but it’s amazing how much easier it makes the transition.

When someone makes the switch to pure, life-giving, health-defining water, its like the one drop that makes ripples throughout the rest of their life – and the benefits are immense:

1. You train your tastebuds. Healthy cravings sure don’t happen overnight! You have to create your own health cravings – and water is the foundation of doing that. Making wellness water gives you a fresh, fruity taste. You’ll begin to crave fresher foods AND crave the way you feel because of eating them.

2. Antioxidant juice. Okay, so that’s my own term 😉 All of those fresh fruits have antioxidants that you can soak up in one way or another. My favorite is the pineapple core. It is the most concentrated in bromelin, the nutrient that tames inflammation. So next time you cut a fresh pineapple, don’t throw that core away, toss it into your water and refrigerate it to take to work the next morning.

3. Mental clarity. It’s funny, but the way you start your day often determines the rest of the day. 16 ounces right when you awake, and you will benefit from mental clarity instead of being overwhelmed.

4. Instant energy. Really, if you need a boost at 2 pm, quickly drink 16 ounces of iced Wellness Water. It revs up your energy level, gets your heart pumping and blood flowing. It tells the body to wake up! Try it tomorrow and let me know what you think.

5. Hunger. A lot of times drinking pop messes up the hunger cues – you NEED to eat at times, not drink. Food fuels your metabolism. And those cues become a lot clearer when only water enters the picture.

I encourage friends trying to lose weight OR gain energy to give this a go!

One of my favorite summer Wellness Waters is Blueberry Basil Water:

Blueberry Basil Water 1

small handful fresh blueberries
a spring of basil

Put into a glass jar with ice, and sip on it all day. Keep refilling with water as you drink – the flavor of the berries and basil gets better and better. I use the same fruit for a couple of days.

Don’t forget, you’re going to be tempted to think that the habit of drinking water is no big deal, but it’s everything!
Take in your best so you can be it and then share it with others – that’s the best way to make a habit stick.

Cheers (Wellness Water glass-jar-toast) and make it an awesome day!