Memorial Day Low-Carb Grilling

Posted in Cooking

Do you love grilling? Or….do you grill much at all?  Since starting grilling 4 years ago (yes…I can’t believe I never really used a grill before!), I can’t stop. Every May it’s a part of the excitement of the summer. I now have created over 30 recipes for healthy grilling for Albertsons Safeway…and I look forward to sharing them with you! All of them are low-carb, which is easy to accomplish on the grill, because it offers so much flavor. Let proteins + plants be the focus!  

I was able to share two of my grilling recipes on WISH-TV’s Indystyle just in time for Memorial Day. Mini-Cheeseburger Kabobs are SUPER delicious, and perfect for a backyard gathering or cookout. The Best Ever Sauce that goes with them is a family original…and it’s so good I could drink it (but I don’t, no worries:). There’s also an Avocado Burger with Roasted Corn Salsa….and that will be posted soon! 

What’s your favorite thing to cookout on the grill? 

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