Nightly Detox Drink

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Anyone who writes me and asks for nutrition advice, whether it’s to lose weight, have more energy, or even to have less body aches and inflammation, knows that one of the actions I immediately recommend is this little concoction….every night before bed.

When I first became an RD, I would tell my patients about tips like this…almost in secret. I think because ideas like this seemed too odd to me to give out as an “official recommendation” (I guess I thought people would think I was weird), but over the years I noticed person after person being genuinely helped by small daily tips like this. Maybe then I couldn’t point to an exact study that would show them research proving the benefit, but after years of seeing the people helped by it, I began to think, “who cares?” If someone feels better, loses weight, has less aches and pains, that’s proof enough for me!

So I’m hoping this – sipped on nightly – will do just that for you. Start with a couple of slices of fresh ginger. It can be grated or sliced, but it must be fresh. You will only use a little bit of it at a time, so keep it in the refrigerator. Fresh ginger is amazing for digestion, for calming the stomach, and has many antioxidants. Add lemon juice and zest for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, and then warm water – not too hot…

Pour in a splash of raw apple cider vinegar. I love the Braggs brand. Raw apple cider vinegar has a collection of good bacteria at the bottom of it (don’t be scared….it’s called “The Mother”). I tell you that because I’ve had a few friends throw this stuff away because they thought it had gone bad! No, it hasn’t gone bad…that collection at the bottom of the bottle is actually living, healthy bacteria. It acts as probiotics to your gut. It’s a little like giving the gateway to your body a positive army to defend and protect it. You need this!

Finally, a little drizzle of raw honey – local to where you live. It shouldn’t take too much digging to find a local bee keeper. One of my favorites that is close to me is Driving Wind – I have been getting my honey from DW Honeyworks for years. I love it. I call it liquid gold.

Sip. Repeat tomorrow night. Don’t worry, you’ll develop a desire for it over a week and a half…and I hope you’ll feel better!

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Remember, a great morning starts the night before!



8-12 ounces warm water
two slices fresh ginger
juice and zest of 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon raw local honey
1 – 2 teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar


Stir ingredients into warm water and sip. Enjoy!