My First Blog..Sorta

Posted 8 years ago in Cooking

 Eeeeek!  I do not consider myself a blogger, but I’m officially writing my first blog for this website.  For those of you who would much rather speak than write, you understand me 🙂  I have friends who can write with such poetry and eloquence, and can paint pictures with what they pen. . . how I wish I had that talent!  I would much rather speak to a live camera than write any day.  Writing makes me anxious because I think about every.single.word.  (Isn’t it funny how there are different things that make each one of us nervous?)

I have a 6 year old little girl (and an adventurous 3 year old boy), and when I gave birth to her, mistakenly thought the primary thing that would be happening would be me imparting training to her.  I had no idea that she would make me a better person, and it is all because I now see everything through her eyes.

She requires me to be better.

I (hope) I am a better thinker because she is listening to the thoughts that come out of my mind.  I (try to be) a better eater, because she is watching how I treat my temple.  I (want to be) a hard worker because how I approach difficult tasks will be how she handles hers in the future.  Seeing through her eyes requires me to be better in every way … it teaches me so much.  I think sometimes my kids shape me more than I do them!

We learn so much when we can see through someone else’s eyes.

It broadens our perspective and deepens our understanding.

In a way, that’s what I want the content I share to be. . . to give you the opportunity to see food through the eyes of a nutritionist.

When I look at food I see powerful gifts from the Creator that do amazing things in the body.
When I look at a body, I see a temple that was given as a gift, and it is our responsibility to be good stewards of that gift.
When I look at a garden, I see items that offer energy, healing, and restoration.

When I see the kitchen, I see the life-giving place of the home that magnetizes others and gives limitless memories.

I want you to know what you can expect from me, and from this website which I consider a bit of my “home”.  So… expect solid information on what food can do for you in easy-to-understand terms, how to use it to feel your best, and recipes, tips and shortcuts on making nourishment and weight-loss work for you in a busy, busy world!

Thank you for stopping by my website, and remember your life will be enriched if you make it your goal to see life through someone else’s eyes today.  Please leave a comment just to say hi and make it a great day!

Annessa 🙂