What the Scale CAN & CANNOT Do…

Posted in Weight Loss

Usually we avoid things that we are nervous or anxious about. When it comes to the scale, I think it’s important to keep it in it’s place…it is simply a tool. One that you should use regularly. Not to obsess about, nor to totally avoid, but just to keep you accountable. Conquering the fear (or obsession) of stepping on it will help you more than you can imagine, because it is part of challenging that person on the inside, and giving you inner strength.

Here is how to use it! If you’ve ever wondered when and how often to weigh, watch this!

The most important thing to remember is that it is a number, and life is about much more than numbers. There are many ways of measuring success, such as – confidence increasing, energy increasing, getting off medication (the most important, in my opinion), cholesterol & blood pressure going down, sleeping better, hunger & full cues appearing, pant sizes decreasing, feeling stronger, thinking clearer….just to name a few that I’ve noticed!

My question for you….do you weigh regularly? How else do you measure success? Talk with me below – I respond to all comments! And thank you for sharing some of your weight loss journey with the group!