Lower Cholesterol Through the Power of Food

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How to lower your cholesterol through the power of food…

7 strategies

Years ago, someone came to me who wanted to try to get his cholesterol lowered by changing his food habits. His doctor was wanting to put him on medication (though he was 40, and not overweight), and because of the side effects, he did not want to.

I gave him 7 things to do everyday. In a couple months, he came back to me, and his cholesterol went from 246 to 154!!!! (I was shocked to be honest). He said in a room full of people that he felt better and had more energy than he’d had since his 20s. Soooooo…everyone wanted that list of seven things to do! I honestly did not know it was going to be so powerful….so now, I’m going to share each one with you. (PS – don’t just go off your medication if you are on it, but doing these things may help you to be able to get off it one day!)

A testimony to the power of food…

HERE’S video #1: OATS (Click here for more cholesterol videos.)

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